Amanda's Receive Course was life-altering for me. Her graceful, informative teaching style is simple to follow and easy to apply, but the results are profound and life-changing. I remain amazed that so much can be accomplished in five classes. I intend to take this course again to go to yet a deeper level within myself for another life altering experience! Thank you, Amanda; you are truly gifted and remain a blessing to me! ~Gini R.
In five short weeks, I have transformed my life from one that was "stuck" to one that has propelled itself forward. In our first class, you told us that those who don't know how to receive attract those who don't know how to give. Boy, was that true in my case. Not anymore, thanks to your Receive class! I no longer feel that I'm watching everyone else's lives around me change and grow while mine stands still. My life is now changing and growing, and I thank you for helping me move my life forward. I am truly grateful for learning how to "receive" what I want into my life. Thank you. ~Beth J.
"The Power of Receiving: A Revolutionary Approach to Giving Yourself the Life You Want and Deserve is brilliant, elegant, profound and enormously practical. This book will help you learn the fine art of receiving." ~Christiane Northrup, author of New York Times bestseller Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom​​
Allow Amanda to smack you into being conscious about what is holding you back from what you most want. She will do it lovingly and with humor and what better way to access your good stuff than a good laugh at yourself? Follow her brilliance in these pages and you will be led to yours." ~Laura B. Fortgang, bestselling author of The Prosperity Plan and The Little Book On Meaning​​
​This class changed my life—sounds dramatic but true. In one fell swoop, I understood that doing is not giving... that receiving is an act of surrender. That it is harder to receive than to give. I learned that there is mind set, a heart set, an openness, to receiving and manifesting. The exercises, the conversations, the insights shared were, for me, the lifting of a veil. I am open to the possible, to all. My intimate relationship and my life have blossomed amazing dimensions of sharing, of giving and receiving. I am so thankful for Amanda and the course. Thank you for this great gift. ~Annabella R.
In the concept of give and receive, the receiving part gets lost—especially for women. This course put the receiving part back into give and receive. We’ve heard about women who give too much, and we've heard about having it all. What Amanda’s class really points out is the imbalance between these two and how the inability to receive interferes with the natural flow of life. People become specialists as either takers or givers, and they become so good in their roles that they don’t even realize how much they allow themselves to be removed from the healthy rhythm of the world. This course helped me to understand how I was self-excluding myself from opportunities to receive that would not only benefit me, but help make my giving instincts healthier and more reciprocal. The exercises I learned gave me strategies and opened up possibilities I didn’t know existed in me.
 ~Carol R.
In my experience, an enormous number of people have a difficult time receiving. And this difficulty has had a negative impact on their personal growth and success. This wonderful timely book shows you how to open your heart and mind to receiving and will benefit everyone who reads it. ~Harvey McKinnon, bestselling co-author of The Power of Giving​​
Thanks again for your Receive class. It was hands-down fabulous. I’ve taken lots of life improvement classes over the years and this is one of the top two best. Your class was more simple, though, and the results much faster. I think the secret of your class is its practical simplicity. Who knew it could be so easy? I’m very driven by experiential classes and the scientist in me needs proof, and your class gave it to me. As a result of the class, no one has to tell me the benefits of being receptive; I’ve got hands-on experience. ~Kathy H.
“Women have finely tuned the art of giving – now it’s time to learn how to receive with grace and gratitude. The practical tools and tips contained in Born to Receive will help you to develop the critical skills needed to transition from simply surviving to joyfully thriving.”
—Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office  ​​
“Amanda Owen takes on a big problem—women’s difficulty in asking for and receiving what they want. Women are expert at giving. Born to Receive teaches us that women need to complement these skills with those of receiving, of learning how to ask for and accept what we want. Using wit, anecdotes, exercises, and helpful insights, she turns this task into one that is manageable and promises to be very helpful. Owen makes the convincing case that wholeness comes from the joint activity of giving and receiving. Women are experts at giving, but can surely use the help she offers to become equally expert at receiving.” ~Rosalind C. Barnett, Ph.D., co-author of The New Soft War on Women, and senior scientist at Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University
You have provided tools for me to “jump-start” my life again, and with your strategy I was able to infuse positive vibes back into my existence in such a short amount of time. My life is usually pretty good, but a couple of sad events started to snowball and melted into every corner of my life, and for over a year, I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t have the oomph to shift my life. The absolutely wonderful part of your strategy to receive more, and thus experience life to its fullest, is that it’s simple. And should I forget my two-minute routine for a couple of days, I immediately begin to notice the difference. Thank you for teaching me how to receive all things and that we need to complete the cycle. But most of all, thank you for helping me find my inner strength and courage.
~Linda F.
From taking this course, I gained a deeper acceptance of myself—of the “unshielded” me. It was an awakening to realities of me that were previously only shadowed feelings. “Being in the moment” is more conscious now—not fleeting and occasional. I’d recommend this course to anyone because it opens pathways for growth. This was a beautiful experience and a gift. My life has been an observation of “emergence,” and this course has moved me along at a critical juncture in my life. I’m braver now. I have had this image for a long time of being at the edge of a cliff ready to fly, but holding on to a branch still afraid to spread my wings and soar. Not trusting. Not quite ready to “let go.” But now I will fly. ~Dawn B.
I found this book really straight forward and easy to understand. What I have been really surprised by is how very powerful the exercises have been and the impact that those exercises have had on my life. Each exercise comes at the end of a chapter and appear at first glance to be very simple. Amanda predicts that these exercises are powerful but I wasn't prepared for just how powerful they are. I keep recommending the book to my friends because it seems everyone is trying to create something in their lives. This book should be a part of everyone's tool kit! ~JA Murphy
Amanda, you have no idea how you have changed my thinking, energy flow and lessened my level of anxiety. You are a wonderful, funny, GIVING teacher. What I learned in class has improved my life. My "chatterbox mind" is much quieter, my future is unlimited. It has given me a new view of how wonderful life really is. ~Mary Ann B.​​
You articulate a clear style in modern, 21st-century, down-to-earth language what Buddhas, mystics, and seers have tried to explain in more esoteric terms to the general public for centuries. One of the best processes I think you do in class is boil down people's complex stories to the essence of what you are trying to teach. You also have fun, simple exercises that help break down the intricate process of how to be in touch with oneself. Your class has certainly been wonderful for me in doing just that.... bringing years of study and intellectual understanding to a practical, everyday process. I shall always be very grateful to you for what you have given me. Thank you, Amanda. ~Carol B.​​
Amanda is wonderful; she is a gifted and insightful teacher. Her simple exercises have literally transformed my life. This weight loss receiving class was a catalyst to a tremendous transformation of my life. I am seeing changes in my relationships and career and have been lead to (received) life altering health information that has changed my diet. I am back in touch with my authentic self. ~Betsy R.
Knowing firsthand how challenging it can be to find a balance between giving and taking, I was excited to read Amanda Owen's book The Power of Receiving.
On the surface, it may seem like a book about putting yourself first, but it's so much more than that. It's about finding the courage to be your authentic self so that you can invite other people's genuine acceptance. And it's about identifying and pursuing the dreams that will fulfill you, professionally and personally. Amanda has spent the last 20 years researching receptivity, and it shows throughout her book. Through engaging stories and exercises, she outlines a clear-cut path toward a greater sense of confidence, well-being, and satisfaction in life. ~Lori Deschene,
founder of Tiny Buddha
Your Receive course was so much more than I expected—in such an incredibly powerful way. I could truly see my life changing in positive ways as the five weeks of the class proceeded. The surprise for me was that "Receive" involves so many aspects—my thoughts, my demons, my goals, my spiritual focus and how I spend my active time. It is such a deep, internally life-changing class. I can think of no other personal class I have taken that has been so valuable to me.  ~Mary D.
I took this course twice. It was so completely awesome and life-altering! Amanda is an intuitively gifted and entertaining educator. She opened my eyes AND heart to focusing my attention on attracting happiness into my life. All I can tell you is that the changes I've experienced, in the last seven months, have simply taken my breath away. ~Jane L.