About Amanda Owen
Amanda Owen is the author of The Power of Receiving and Born to Receive. Her work investigating and researching the benefits of receiving has earned her accolades from her peers and her seminars and workshops have helped thousands of people transform their lives. With a background in social work and a twenty-five year practice as a counselor, Amanda has been presenting lectures and workshops since the mid-nineties.

N.Y. Times best-selling author Christiane Northrup, MD calls Amanda’s power-of-receiving philosophy “brilliant, elegant, profound, and enormously practical,” Maria Shriver calls her work “insightful,” and Elaine Shamos, the Director of The Women's Health Resource Center at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center says “Amanda's presentation skills are outstanding and, most importantly, her message is life-changing.”

In addition to her work as a writer and speaker, Amanda serves as Executive Director of the Justice Bell Foundation, a nonprofit that reclaims women’s history, highlights women’s contributions, and honors the Justice Bell and its historic role in the American struggle for women’s suffrage.