Gini R.
Amanda's Receive Course was life-altering for me. Her graceful, informative teaching style made so much open up for me! I never imagined the depth that would be revealed to me in five classes! Her style is simple to follow and easy to apply, but the results are profound and life-changing. I remain amazed that so much can be accomplished in five classes. I intend to take this course again to go to yet a deeper level within myself for another life altering experience! Thank you, Amanda; you are truly gifted and remain a blessing to me!...

Beth J.
I want to thank you so, so much for your Receive class. In five short weeks, I have transformed my life from one that was "stuck" to one that has propelled itself forward. In our first class, you told us that those who don't know how to receive attract those who don't know how to give. Boy, was that true in my case. Not anymore, thanks to your Receive class! I no longer feel that I'm watching everyone else's lives around me change and grow while mine stands still. My life is now changing and growing, and I thank you for helping me move my life forward. I am truly grateful for learning how to "receive" what I want into my life. Thank you.

Carol B.
You articulate a clear style in modern, 21st-century, down-to-earth language what Buddhas, mystics, and seers have tried to explain in more esoteric terms to the general public for centuries. One of the best processes I think you do in class is boil down people's complex stories to the essence of what you are trying to teach. You also have fun, simple exercises that help break down the intricate process of how to be in touch with oneself. Your class has certainly been wonderful for me in doing just that.... bringing years of study and intellectual understanding to a practical, everyday process. I shall always be very grateful to you for what you have given me. Thank you, Amanda.

Kathy H.
Thanks again for your Receive class. It was hands-down fabulous. I’ve taken lots of life improvement classes over the years and this is one of the top two best. Your class was more simple, though, and the results much faster. I think the secret of your class is its practical simplicity. Who knew it could be so easy? I’m very driven by experiential classes and the scientist in me needs proof, and your class gave it to me. As a result of the class, no one has to tell me the benefits of being receptive; I’ve got hands-on experience.

I learned practical yet simple exercises that helped me begin to embrace receptivity, and each week the abundance I’ve received has compounded. I wasn’t a good receiver before taking this class. After five weeks, I still consider myself a novice at the art, but the class has given me a good foundation on how to receive, and I know it will only get better the longer I practice your practical techniques. The class has taught me to live more readily in the present and to respond to life in the present. As a result, I feel more joyous, grounded, and enriched, and the people around me respond to me much more favorably and with greater interest. The amazing thing is how easy the exercises are, and they don’t take a lot of time, so they’re easy to work into my day. Initially I had to consciously make time to do them and as the class progressed, I started to look forward to doing them. My ideas about the nature of receiving (and giving) have completely changed. I didn’t understand how some folks could so successfully manifest abundance in their life. Now I do. Maybe you should open the Receive University and start franchising!

Jane L.
I took this course TWICE. It was so completely AWESOME and life-altering! Amanda is an intuitively gifted and entertaining educator. She opened my eyes AND heart to focusing my attention on attracting happiness into my life. All I can tell you is that the changes I've experienced, in the last seven months, have simply taken my breath away.

Holly R.
I wanted to start this quote by saying “my life has done a 180 since this class,” but thought that might sound too much like paid programming. The truth is…my life has done a 180 since this class. I was living in a small two-room apartment in a bad area of Reading, PA. Depressed after losing my house and business, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I heard about Amanda…within days I signed up for her first Receive class, just needing to be with people again. I came across my notes from class…I had written, “I would like to have a strong, loving, trusting, caring circle of friends,” “I would like to make a decent living through my work in healing and making jewelry.” Today, I get calls from friends all over the country and many of those conversations end with, “I love you.” Today, I make rings and write dedications that move people to tears. God bless, and peace.

Linda F.
You have provided tools for me to “jump-start” my life again, and with your strategy I was able to infuse positive vibes back into my existence in such a short amount of time. My life is usually pretty good, but a couple of sad events started to snowball and melted into every corner of my life, and for over a year, I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t have the oomph to shift my life. The absolutely wonderful part of your strategy to receive more, and thus experience life to its fullest, is that it’s simple. And should I forget my two-minute routine for a couple of days, I immediately begin to notice the difference. Thank you for teaching me how to receive all things and that we need to complete the cycle. But most of all, thank you for helping me find my inner strength and courage.

Carol R.
In the concept of give and receive, the receiving part gets lost—especially for women. This course put the receiving part back into give and receive. We’ve heard about women who give too much, and we've heard about having it all. What Amanda’s class really points out is the imbalance between these two and how the inability to receive interferes with the natural flow of life. People become specialists as either takers or givers, and they become so good in their roles that they don’t even realize how much they allow themselves to be removed from the healthy rhythm of the world. This course helped me to understand how I was self-excluding myself from opportunities to receive that would not only benefit me, but help make my giving instincts healthier and more reciprocal. The exercises I learned gave me strategies and opened up possibilities I didn’t know existed in me.
The course also helped me discover my ability to make choices and to direct my life in ways I hadn’t been able to do before and to discover ways to improve my life by consciously taking advantage of abilities I always had.

Dawn B.
From taking this course, I gained a deeper acceptance of myself—of the “unshielded” me. It was an awakening to realities of me that were previously only shadowed feelings. “Being in the moment” is more conscious now—not fleeting and occasional. For me, receiving came down to worthiness. I am worthy of receiving good and accepting things as they are. I slowed down. I let go. I accept the present. I have become calmer inside. I became clearer.
I’d recommend this course to anyone because it opens pathways for growth. This was a beautiful experience and a gift. My life has been an observation of “emergence,” and this course has moved me along at a critical juncture in my life. I’m braver now. I have had this image for a long time of being at the edge of a cliff ready to fly, but holding on to a branch still afraid to spread my wings and soar. Not trusting. Not quite ready to “let go.” But now I will fly.

Kris E.
It's hard to capture into words all I received from this class. Spiritual teachings often say that we are "in relationship with all creation." Amanda makes this principle real in our 3D lives by uniquely pointing out that we are also "in relationship" with our manifestation Goals. I had never thought of this teaching in this way!
No longer is my experience of my Goal all about "me striving" or "me achieving" (or "me failing"), but it has become a relational experience—I'm 50 percent of the equation, and my Goal is 50 percent. It's now a conversation, a relationship to be nurtured and explored...and manifested! Having several intransigent health issues, I set a health goal in this class, and I was amazed at how Life and my Goal supported me—new people and protocols just "showed up," ready to help. My Goal no longer feels like a far-away fantasy, but an achievable reality.
I plan to take this class again, because the focus and structure of the class give me and my Goal an extra boost of energy! I highly recommend this work. Thank you, Amanda, and thank you, Goal, for leading me to this new place in life.

LaChelle N.
The shared group experiences and discussions were great. It was fun and helpful to learn vicariously through the others in the class. Your sharing with us what had happened in other groups was very helpful, too. I especially appreciated being told that I would probably rather be doing anything other than the exercises/assignments. That was so true! Knowing I would feel that way helped me to acknowledge the feeling and do the stuff anyway. I would joke and call them my stupid exercises—soon, of course, I wasn't calling them stupid! I took a leap of faith that something good would come of being a good student...and it did. I am amazed at how phenomenal the results were.

What I learned has already profoundly improved my life. I was on "the journey" to a certain extent, but it has been greatly elevated. I also am "aware" of the fact that I'm not even sure of all of the positive ways this has impacted me. It's a "knowing." I just know there is more to come. My ideas have definitely changed regarding receiving and giving. I am more open to receiving and have quieted myself, so that I can receive better. I am more aware of reciprocity. I am trying to find more balance; typically I have been more of a giver. Strangely enough, I've noticed that I have cut back on giving so much to others...this is good, since I have a tendency to over- do. I have also found that I am giving more to myself. Again, this is good; by making myself better, I really am better for them as well. I am spending good solid energy on myself instead of engaging in busy energy on others that ultimately doesn't really benefit anyone. I am now living more in the present. By being more in the present, not only am I more grateful and joyful, but I have gained a greater sense of awareness and am more in tune with my perceptiveness and my intuition. I'm just happier minute by minute.

Mary D.
Your Receive course was so much more than I expected—in such an incredibly powerful way. I could truly see my life changing in positive ways as the five weeks of the class proceeded. The surprise for me was that "Receive" involves so many aspects—my thoughts, my demons, my goals, my spiritual focus and how I spend my active time. It is such a deep, internally life-changing class. I can think of no other personal class I have taken that has been so valuable to me. You were so focused, organized, and clear. I really appreciated your supportive approach that, somehow, got the hard messages across without raising barriers in the receiver—an amazing skill. Thank you so much for all that you gave to me in the class. It has truly changed my life.

Robyn M.
I would highly recommend this class to everyone. Because of this class, my life has improved. I think the part about how being a good receiver is just as important as being a good giver was very valuable—understanding that both giving and receiving go hand in hand. You really cannot have one without the other. This specifically was very valuable to me, since I am the classic give-until-you-bleed type. This class has changed my attitude on life in general. I am more open to life’s possibilities, and as a result of this class, people are coming out of the woodwork to help me with my goal.

Elaine S.
I have been waiting (for almost a month now) for the words to describe how the class has changed my life, and I am still having trouble articulating it. What I can express is that something has really shifted internally and because of that my life is more content and peaceful. I feel the doors opening and that things are starting to happen. I want to say "thank you" to you Amanda and to everyone in the class. It was a life-changing experience. Amanda, if you ever decide to teach others to do this work, please put me on the list. Blessings, Elaine

Rebel H.
I have taken literally dozens of personal growth programs since 1979 and gained considerable value from many of them. I want to tell you that your Receive Course gets my highest praise for being meaningful, effective, easy, and even fun! I learned a lot about myself and dramatically increased my ability to receive, and I am already manifesting powerful results from being in your class. Thank you.

Mary Ann B.
Amanda, you have no idea how you have changed my thinking, energy flow and lessened my level of anxiety. You are a wonderful, funny, GIVING teacher. What I learned in class has improved my life. My "chatterbox mind" is much quieter, my future is unlimited. It has given me a new view of how wonderful life really is.

Mary B.
For several weeks, I've wanted to share with you how great life is going. I use what I learned in your Receive class everyday....it's becoming a way of life for me. I am so very grateful for you and your effective teaching. It seems like I think of you everyday...to me you personify the Receive work. I send you my gratitude and love.

​Annabella R.
​This class changed my life—sounds dramatic but true. In one fell swoop, I understood that doing is not giving... that receiving is an act of surrender. That it is harder to receive than to give. I learned that there is mind set, a heart set, an openness, to receiving and manifesting. The exercises, the conversations, the insights shared were, for me, the lifting of a veil. I am open to the possible, to all. My intimate relationship and my life have blossomed amazing dimensions of sharing, of giving and receiving. I am so thankful for Amanda and the course. Thank you for this great gift.

Jeanne C.
Amanda’s Receive and Manifest course took me on a fascinating journey of opening up to life's abundant energy and learning about how I was unconsciously blocking that energy. This course gives you exercises and tools to use daily to accelerate your ability to receive and create what you want in life. I now know and trust that it IS possible...the ideas just keep on comin'!  

Liz T.
I received so much in Amanda's 5 week workshop. I learned how to listen more to myself and others and I learned how to listen more to my feelings and to hear what my goals truly are. Now, I know how to pursue my goals in a positive way. I highly recommend Amanda's class! Thanks again for a wonderful class!

​Mark B.
Amanda's class offers a number of clever, and simple, and effective tools for helping you to recognize where you are holding your power to create that which you truly want in your life. You have to "do" it! And she has a wonderful manner of pointing the way. Allowing your goals to manifest is an active process of listening as well as doing. Be prepared to learn something new here!

Amanda is a wonderful teacher. I loved the course and feel it gave me some great tools for weight loss. It also gave me a lot of insight into what sets me off to overeat - things that surprised me. I am still using the course exercises to help stay on track with my weight loss plan. I'm very glad I took the course.

Betsy R.
Amanda is wonderful; she is a gifted and insightful teacher. Her simple exercises have literally transformed my life. This weight loss receiving class was a catalyst to a tremendous transformation of my life. I am seeing changes in my relationships and career and have been lead to (received) life altering health information that has changed my diet. I am back in touch with my authentic self. Thanks Amanda!!!

Darlene E.
Amanda is a wonderful teacher. I loved the course and feel it gave me some great tools for weight loss. It especially gave me tools to work with the emotional components of overeating that have always derailed my best of diet and exercise plans. It also gave me a lot of insight into what sets me off to overeat - things that surprised me. I am still using the course exercises to help stay on track with my weight loss plan.  

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