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Sometimes in the name of being good we forget to be good to ourselves. We put so much energy into meeting other people’s needs that we fail to meet our own. And yet that doesn’t change that we have needs–it just pushes us to deny them or to find manipulative ways of getting them met.

For the longest time, I felt certain that good people put everyone else first. They stretch themselves, bend over backwards, and even completely exhaust themselves if it means making everyone else happy.

I also thought giving would naturally invite reciprocity. Inevitably, after months of martyrdom, I’d feel frustrated that other people weren’t returning that kindness and meeting my expectations. The truth is that it wasn’t their job. It was my job to take care of my needs.

And it’s the same for all of us: only we can make the choice to receive.

Knowing firsthand how challenging it can be to find a balance between giving and taking, I was excited to read Amanda Owen’s new book The Power of Receiving.

On the surface, it may seem like a book about putting yourself first, but it’s so much more than that.

The Power of Receiving is about being able to receive without feeling obligated or indebted. It’s about finding the courage to be your authentic self so that you can invite other people’s genuine acceptance. And it’s about identifying and receiving the dreams that will fulfill you, professionally and personally.

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Does anyone on your gift list have a goal he or she wants to manifest? The Power of Receiving can help. "Life is constantly giving," author Amanda Owen tells us. "But only Receivers notice it." 

Many of us have been taught that it is better to give than to receive. As a result, some of us may need to be taught how to receive. Drawing on metaphysics, quantum theory and Eastern studies, the author devoted twenty years to researching receptivity its link to manifestation. 

Owen founded the transformative "Receive and Manifest" seminars and workshops and developed a new formula: Believe + Receive = Achieve. Far from being selfish, receivers are actually able to be more productive and fulfilled, which allows them to give much, much more. 

The Power of Receiving offers numerous exercises to implement receiving practices in your daily life. Notice how more authentic language may actually inspire people to give to you. Discover what stands between you and your goal. How do you treat your goal? Learn to form a loving relationship with your goal and you'll be amazed at the results. After all, as the author reminds us, "Life's abundance is everywhere. And the more you notice it, the more life gives."

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Back in the ‘80s, Amanda Owen pinpointed a tendency among her clients to ignore the skill of receiving. Soon she was teaching workshops in the art of receiving for people who were multitasking themselves into exhaustion. She urged them toward opening themselves to the natural laws of receptivity.

Owen makes the case that being good at receiving is not the same as being a “taker.” Balancing activity with receptivity is a more direct path to reaching our goals, she says. She explains key concepts very specifically, such as: Receptivity is not passive; enabling is not giving; and skilled receivers have healthier boundaries.

The Power of Receiving is filled with concrete exercises, some as simple as making a list of five things to be grateful for, and some more elaborate. The material is presented in no-nonsense but compassionate terms—the perfect tone for post-holiday shoppers.

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By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

Amanda Owen is a consultant-coach in the areas of spirituality, empowerment, and self-improvement, and has created the transformative "Receive and Manifest" seminars and workshops. Her research over the past 20 years into the nature of receptivity and its link to manifestation, along with her studies in quantum theory and Buddhism, led her to develop a system that helps people manifest the lives they want by developing their capacity to receive them.

One of the most surprising appearances in this book is the evangelical Christian preacher Billy Graham who says: "God gave us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with." The problem with many of us is that we find it much easier to give than to receive. We still cling to the myths of independence and certainly don't want to be beholden to anyone. Yet as Buddhist spiritual teachers have pointed out, we are dependent on a gigantic network of people whose services help us function and keep going every day.

Owen maintains that receiving is a skill that can be learned, developed, and strengthened. In her research, she has found that people who are physically exhausted, emotionally unappreciated, and spiritually depleted are often unable to acknowledge a compliment, a helping hand, or an apology. The author affirms receptivity as "a willingness or readiness to receive impressions or ideas." Information is flowing into our consciousness all the time from our feelings, other people, and the environment. The challenge for the receiver is to be open to this information and what it is doing to us and for us.

"Don't turn away from what life wants to give to you," writes Owen. She suggests three steps to take on the path of receiving:

1. Accept all compliments,
2. Count your blessings, and
3. Be spiritually naked (self-revealing).

The rest of the book consists of exercises and practices to enable you to manifest the life of your dreams including committing to a complaint fast, creating a monster celebration, and making the most out of your senses. Book Review

In her new book The Power of Receiving, Amanda Owen offers up some helpful advice on how to finally achieve the goals and dreams you have always wanted. Through enhancing your receiving skills—those which are responsible for accepting compliments, advice, and help from others—you will boost your self-confidence, recognize your value as a person, and be able to “receive” the goals you have set for yourself.

Through reflection exercises such as “Send Cinderella to Rehab” and “Stop Chasing your Tale,” Amanda teaches you step-by-step how to let go of the negative beliefs about receiving and how to achieve what you want by opening yourself up to who you are and what you want. Learn how to express the real you, pay attention to the smaller things, and to ask for what you want. Stop stressing over unachieved goals and work on receiving to help your dreams come to you.

A Review from Nancy Dreyfus, author of Talk to Me Like I'm Someone You Love: Relationship Repair in a Flash (Tarcher/Penguin)

For those of you who have believed there's something to this Law of Attraction stuff--that if you can only get your vibration in the right place, you can create the perfect job, relationship, body or financial situation--but notice there's an undeniable gap between what you believe is possible and what you've actually created....don't give up! Amanda Owen's gem of a manual, The Power of Receiving, is so brilliant, original and on target about the workings of both human beings and The Universe they inhabit, that readers will finish this book with a deep and satisfying sense of How Life Itself Actually Works. Within this context, manifesting even dramatic improvements finally starts becoming the naturally-occurring consequence of true self-acceptance--not the result of affirmations, formulas or even sincere intentions.

For those of us who have sincerely struggled to get in positive alignment with our desires, you will be humbled and thrilled to discover how embedded you've been in a substandard to non-existent receiving mode. Owen is gifted and quite creative in getting us to see how much we have normalized non-receiving--in fact, often turning it into a virtue that keeps us feeling hungry, deprived or grabby. Like Freud revealing the degree to which aggressive and sexual impulses were kept unconscious, Owen is a pioneer revealing how our denied receptivity, masked by an almost universal over-valuing in the "giving" department... is the root of much of our lack.

It is a testimony to her own level of awareness that her book is packed with tons of "to-do's" to get one's Receiving Muscle operating, yet the ultimate result is moving us away from the world of Doing into the Land of Being. Owen counsels: Accept all compliments....Go on a complaint fast....Honor your inner monsters.....and definitely Send Cinderella to Rehab--a reference to shamelessly allowing yourself to want what you want. Not only have I done years of personal growth work, but a decade ago I was teaching Manifestation classes in suburban Philadelphia...and it is only in reading this book do I now understand that the trick wasn't in creating worthy goals, credible goal statements or even keeping my vibration cheery....but in looking at my relationship to my goals.

What do I mean by this? Owen's genius is asking us to take everything good we know about having a relationship with a person...and applying it to deepening our relationship to our, as in a "real" relationship, you and your goal start feeling realer to each other. So, if you were starting to date someone, ideally, you wouldn't complain about how creepy all your last dates were....or call this new person 14 times a day....or give them no space to come to you. By so "humanizing" your desires, The Power of Receiving is a major contribution to genuine self-empowerment, natural abundance and living a life more mindfully with a lot less effort.

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“Ask and you shall receive.” are familiar words and yet how often, do we ask and even when we feel brave enough to voice our desires, do we actually stand ready to embrace what it is we have requested?  Published by Tarcher/Penguin, the book entitled The Power of Receiving: A Revolutionary Approach to Giving Yourself the Life You Want and Deserve was penned by author and life coach Amanda Owen. A former social worker and counselor, Owen knows first hand what occurs when people give without a willingness or ability to receive. Compassion fatigue or what I refer to as ‘tater tot syndrome’ ensues; feeling like a crispy fried piece of potato sitting on a plate waiting to be devoured.

Is it possible to teach the art of receiving? Owen has successfully communicated that not only is it possible, but desirable to receive as well as give. She views receiving as a ‘spiritual act’. We are taught that it is ‘better to give than receive’. What I have discovered and the book reinforces, is that if there is no receiver, then the giving is meaningless. There is no active cycle. 

The Power of Receiving is divided into eight chapters, with deliciously beckoning subheadings such as Getting Your Goal’s Attention, Cinderella’s Wish, Be Spiritually Naked and No Suffering Allowed!  No Suffering Aloud!  Fun and simple exercises invite the reader to be an active participant as she reframes what it means to be on either end of the spectrum.

Owen candidly shares about her own experiences around giving and receiving, allowing the book the feel of an intimate conversation on paper.  She essentially develops a relationship with the reader, so comfortable and approachable is her writing style. From the first page, to the last, I had the distinct feeling that Owen had written the book for me. I would venture a guess that others who have turned the pages, feel the same.

The Power of Receiving reminds me that I can be both a generous giver and gracious receiver. Do you want to receive more money, greater health, a loving, mutually supportive relationship?  Then this book can be your guide and companion along your journey.

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