Power of Receiving Course
​with Amanda Owen
Author of The Power of Receiving and Born to Receive

The next five-week course begins
Monday, October 23, 2017
6:00 PM to 8 PM EST
The course dates are October 23, 30 and November 6, 13, and 20
This course takes place remotely via a video conference call

We all have areas of life we wish were more successful and abundant. 

Perhaps you have wanted to find a great job, lose weight, have more energy, feel more appreciated, generate more revenue for your business or even fall in love. 

My name is Amanda Owen, and for the past 20 years I have been studying and perfecting the art of receiving with people from around the world. Through my workshops, seminars and classwork, I have witnessed clients transform their lives and experience phenomenal results.

If you are ready to remove the barriers that prevent you from receiving, join me for my October Receive and Manifest Course. I will personally work with you to guide you through a step-by-step process that will open up your life to the miracles of receiving so you can achieve your goals and create the life you want and deserve.

This course is for you if you: 
Have a goal that you can’t seem to attain no matter how much you try or how hard you work.
Feel that you give, give, and give with all of your energy going out and little or nothing coming back.
Are not even sure what would make you feel joyful.
Feel guilty and selfish for wanting to be happy or have your needs met.
Are ready to make a significant change in your life.
Are tired of having the same old complaints about situations that never change.
Could use a support group to help you stay on course, but would like some individual attention as well.

After working with me, you will…
Learn tools and techniques you can always rely on to help you “flex your receiving muscles.”
•      Discover how to create a partnership with your goal.
Work successfully with one specific goal during the course. (see testimonials here)
•      Transform from a state of feeling stuck to a state of clarity and ease. 
Go from feeling overwhelmed to confident. 
Learn exercises you can always use that produce extraordinary life-changing results.
Feel empowered after the course ends to take your future goals from inception to completion.

What to expect

We will meet via a video conference call once a week for five weeks. 
I will help you formulate and work with a specific goal to manifest at the end of five weeks.
There is a small amount of reading and writing as part of this course.
•      There is group contact through emails throughout the five weeks.
You will receive personal email communication from me to answer your questions.

Just a few testimonials from past course

 Let me know if you have questions and be sure to send me an email after you register.

​ Amanda Owen

Copyright © Amanda Owen 2017
Power of Receiving Course
I can think of no other personal class I have taken that has been so valuable to me. I could truly see my life changing in positive ways as the five weeks of the class proceeded. Thank you so much for all that you gave to me in the class. It has truly changed my life. 
~Mary D.
I took this course TWICE. It was so completely AWESOME and life-altering! Amanda is an intuitively gifted and entertaining educator. All I can tell you is that the changes I've experienced, in the last seven months, have simply taken my breath away. 
~Jane L.
Individual help to clarify your goals
​A huge connection exists between what your are able to receive and what you get. 
~Amanda Owen
Group support
Manifest your goals
Reduce stress
Gain happiness
I am the author of The Power of Receiving and Born to Receive. With a background in social work and a twenty-five year practice as a counselor, I have been presenting lectures and workshops since the mid-nineties.

N.Y. Times best-selling author Christiane Northrup, MD calls Amanda’s power-of-receiving philosophy “brilliant, elegant, profound, and enormously practical,” Maria Shriver calls her work “insightful,” and Elaine Shamos, the Director of The Women's Health Resource Center at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center says “Amanda's presentation skills are outstanding and, most importantly, her message is life-changing.”
This class changed my life—sounds dramatic but true. I learned that there is a mindset, a heart set, an openness, to receiving and manifesting. The exercises, the conversations, the insights shared were, for me, the lifting of a veil. My intimate relationship and my life have blossomed. Thank you for this great gift.
~Annabella R.
Amanda is a wonderful, gifted insightful teacher. Her simple exercises have literally transformed my life. This weight loss receiving class was a catalyst to a tremendous transformation of my life. I am seeing changes in my relationships and career and have been lead to (received) life altering health information that has changed my diet. I am back in touch with my authentic self. 
~Betsy R.

Amanda's class offers a number of clever, and simple, and effective tools for helping you to recognize where you are holding your power to create that which you truly want in your life. And she has a wonderful manner of pointing the way. Allowing your goals to manifest is an active process of listening as well as doing. Be prepared to learn something new here!
~Mark B.
Amanda’s Receive and Manifest course took me on a fascinating journey of opening up to life's abundant energy and learning about how I was unconsciously blocking that energy. This course gives you exercises and tools to use daily to accelerate your ability to receive and create what you want in life.
~Jeanne C.