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A Receive Support Tele-Class
Wednesday July 1st
4 pm Pacific, 4 pm Arizona, 5 pm Mountain, 6 pm Central, 7 pm Eastern
1 ½ hours
Cost $35

Do you have a goal? 
Have you already taken a Receive course or a workshop? Have you read The Power of Receiving or Born to Receive?

This support class includes weekly emails throughout July with receive exercises, inspiration, and answers to your questions.

You can pay with your credit card here: Receive Support
(use the drop-down menu)

How a Tele-Class works
This class takes place by phone – a conference call. Once you sign up, I will email you a phone # to call at the appointed time. You will also be given a code #. You will incur any normal long-distance phone charges according to your own phone plan. Questions? Email me.